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Body Aches, Joint Pain

Body Aches, Joint Pain

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Do you suffer from persistent joint pain or unexplained body aches? have you been through countless tests, x-rays, different therapies but nothing has been effective? We may be able to shed some light on your condition and explain your symptoms. By taking this test, you will find out whether a biochemical imbalance may be triggering your pain.

There is one essential mineral you have probably never heard of, however, it plays a huge role in vital functions in our body.

Molybdenum is a trace mineral that has many health benefits. It helps build important enzymes, promotes liver functionality, metabolizes drugs and toxins and boosts other vital processes.

Although molybdenum deficiency is rare, it is possible, especially in people with gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease. Among other health implications, it may lead to poor bone health, which could result in joint pain and body aches.

Some research suggests that taking oral molybdenum supplements may improve arthritis symptoms and ease other kinds of aches and pain.

Like other vitamins and minerals, high intakes are also not recommended, and it is important to keep molybdenum levels well balanced to maintain good health and enjoy its benefits.

This is why we highly recommend testing for Molybdenum levels if you suffer from join pain and body aches.

Along with your results, we will provide nutritional recommendations and guidance on how to reach and maintain a healthy balance, and what to avoid.

Alternatively, you can order our 35-element test to get a broader picture about your overall health status.

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