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Cognitive Performance in Children

Cognitive Performance in Children

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If you want to make the best choices to ensure your child's healthy development, this test may provide some crucial information that will inspire you to make wiser decisions, raise your awareness and help you stay alarm.

In recent years, research and literature has linked heavy metals to cognitive development and behavioral disorders in children, and the evidence keeps growing. Here’s what you should know about problematic heavy metals and why you should get tested:


Lead is a toxic, heavy metal, used mainly in the weapon industry. It is the traditional core material of a bullet. It is an environmental toxin, which according to research may have serious, harmful health implications on children’s nerve system. Exposure to lead, even if moderate, is associated with a higher risk of developing ADHD.

Exposure to lead may occur due to inhaling polluted air, accidentally swallowing a toy,using cheap lipsticks, drinking polluted water and working with paint and adhesives. Long-term exposure to Lead may result in Lead poisoning.

Lead in one of several neurotoxic chemicals that may poorly affect brain development and can eventually contribute to psychiatric disorders, like ADHD. Its potential effect on children’s mental health, IQ and development has been evident in research. Lead poisoning can have a negative impact on neurocognitive functioning, lead to physical and mental development abnormalities in children and potentially worsen preexisting symptoms of autism. Therefore, this has been a cause of concern among scientists for decades.


Aluminum is a relatively common, silver colored metal. It is considered to be the most common metal in nature, and the 3rd most common in the earth’s crust.

It is broadly used worldwide in many industries and products due to its robust qualities. These include aviation industry, motor and railway industry, glass products, deodorants, computers and electronic devices and more.

Aluminum has been causing major concern among scientists. Some research has found high levels of aluminum in the brain tissues of individuals with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, a fact which raises many questions. It is also associated with declining cognitive performance, as well as other health implications.

This test will give you a clearer picture about your child’s health and potential risk factors they are exposed to. The purpose of this test is to raise your awareness about possible causes for behavioral abnormalities and help you take appropriate measures.

After you get your results, you will also receive some advice from our experts on how to detoxify your body in case abnormally high levels are detected, as well as nutritional guidelines to maintain a healthy balance, so you can start making better decisions and and become aware of the harmful effects heavy metals may have on your child's development.


‍Alternatively, you can order our 35-element test to get a broader picture about your overall health status.

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