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Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

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If you suffer from chronic headaches and migraines that keep coming back despite taking medication, this test might determine imbalances in your body which can be directly related to your symptoms. In this case, high exposure to some heavy metals can be the cause.

The strong link between heavy metal toxicity and chronic headaches is supported by research and evidence.
Testing for 3 heavy metals in particular may provide some answers and explanations to your headaches.
Here’s what you should know:



Mercury is a silver colored metal and it is liquid at room temperature. It is often used for production of mirrors, candles, switches, automotive batteries, dental fillings, barometers,thermometers, plant pesticides and more. The primary routes of exposure are inhalation of mercury vapor and consumption of contaminated fish and seafood.

Mercury is highly toxic to humans and has adverse effects on the nerve system and the urinary tract. Research has found a strong link between high mercury levels and chronic headaches and migraines. Many people struggle with finding the source of their migraines and the appropriate treatment, until they discover they have high concentrations of mercury in their system.



Copper is a heavy metal that is safe for low level consumption. It can be found mostly in the liver but also in other tissues of our body. It is essential for the production of hemoglobin, myelin, collagen, melanin and more. Copper deficiency,but also too high levels, can have adverse effects on your health. Primary sources of exposure include oral contraceptives, fungicides, drinking water from corroded pipes or using corroded copper drinkware.

Copper toxicity may produce symptoms like nausea, vomiting, fever and headaches.



Nickel is a heavy metal that can be toxic to human if consumed in high amounts. Batteries, jewelry, cigarettes,cooking pots, and dental braces are among the main sources of exposure to nickel. Long-term exposure to this metal can cause skin irritation and allergies. Acute nickel toxicity may lead to neurological symptoms and headaches.

Testing the levels of these 3 metals may bring useful insights that will help you effectively treat your headaches with a personalized plan based on your results. We will provide a full analysis of your results as well as nutritional and detox advice that may promote your health and reduce your symptoms.


‍Alternatively, you can order our 35-element test to get a broader picture about your overall health status.

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