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Migramil Front

Migramil Front

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This pure herbal extract is effective for treating ocular migraines, pain in forehead and behind the eyes, circulatory disorders of the brain. It also helps to prevent sensory overload.

Migramil Front Ingredient List:

· Tanacetum partheniu

· Ginkgo biloba

· Passiflora edulis


User’s Guide – Right Use for the Drops

Do not consume the drops close to meals or drinks. If you drink or eat – wait at least 10 minutes and then use the drops.

Keep away the bottle from your mouth.

Do not use spoon or a glass of water!

Just straight from the bottle for best results.

Caution: keep out of reach of children’s & pregnant women, taking Any medical product. Consult your doctor.

Dosage: Minimum 4 times a day and more 20 drops each time

No more than one coffee a day

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