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Optimize Your Nutrition, Eliminate Toxins and Improve Your Digestion with a Simple Test

If you’ve been trying to eat healthy and get on the right path but you’re still experiencing unexplained digestive issues, discomfort and unwanted reactions to food, If you’ve tried out different popular diets but you’re still not seeing the results you expect, you probably should ask yourself whether all the “healthy” food you’re consuming is actually good for you. Here’s why. 

When certain foods are consumed too much and too often, even those we believe are healthy for us, we might end up with mineral imbalances and accumulation of toxins that could introduce negative health implications and interfere with the absorption of other nutrients from different sources.

The function of our digestive system (as well as other systems on our body), which is directly associated with mineral ratios, may become compromised and result in unpleasant symptoms.

Why Nutritox?

We understand that every person’s biology is different. With nutrition, some rules, trends and concepts may not be suitable for everyone. This is exactly the philosophy behind the Nutritox test.

We want you to make conscious, aware choices based on your OWN, detailed mineral analysis.The results of the Nutritox test will help you detect anything that is interrupting a healthy metabolism and the proper function of different systems and organs, such as deficiencies, excesses and accumulation of toxins.

With the guidance of our professional consultants, you will be able to adjust your nutrition accordingly,and achieve an optimal ratio and balance of trace minerals and metals.

We Support the Saying: Why Guess When You Can Test?

Today, cutting-edge technology and modern science allow people to get an accurate screening of their biochemistry and come to conclusive findings, which can be used to take active steps towards better health.

What Is a Hair Test?

A Hair Test is a scientific sample analysis that is performed in qualified, state-of the-art laboratories, with the help of the latest available technologies and a team of medical experts. This test will analyse and quantify a wide range of elements, such as metals, minerals and micro-minerals which are crucial for the proper function of different systems in our body. It will expose the history of different metabolic processes as well as long term exposure, accumulation and deficiencies of different elements.

The results are provided in a detailed report of your current mineral status, as well as specific nutritional recommendations based on your results.

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