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Skin Irritation and Rashes

Skin Irritation and Rashes

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If you have been suffering from skin irritation, allergic symptoms, itch and unexplained rashes that happen often, the reason may surprise you.
An increasingly common condition that results in such symptoms is nickel allergy. It can develop in any age and it is the cause for allergic dermatitis, which occurs when the skin touches a harmless substance. It may also lead to other changes in the skin such as redness and blistering.

Nickel is a silver-colored metal that can be found naturally in nature. It is used to produce various items we use in our everyday life, like jewelry, coins, keys, paper clips, eyeglass frames, pens, orthodontic braces, cooking equipment, zippers, buckles and more.

Nickel allergy occurs when the body’s immune system mistakes nickel for a harmful substance. It produces chemicals to tackle the substance,a process that triggers an allergic reaction. This happens every time the person comes into contact with the metal. Consuming foods that contain nickel will cause such a reaction as well.

It is important to mention that a nickel allergy is unlikely to go away, however, it can be maintained by avoiding consumption of certain foods and minimize skin contact with items that contain nickel.

This test will help you determine whether a nickel allergy is causing your symptoms. Along with your results, we will provide nutritional recommendations to help you minimize skin irritation associated with a nickel allergy and deal with this condition in the best way possible.


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